We each own the power to shape our communities and our state. Our right to vote is mighty and sacred, and in this election, it is fair to say it is the key to saving our Democracy.

With anti-semitic candidates and election deniers on the ballot in Arizona, the risks are too great. It is critical that our votes get in quickly.

Below are details about voting in this election, insights on the propositions and judges on your ballot, and information about our upcoming meeting.


Please share these handy links with at least 5 friends or family members who may need the nudge to return their ballot or visit a polling place. 

Let’s ensure all our voices are heard!

Vote by Mail
 The easy and safe way to vote. Mail ballots start going out today.

Not sure if you are signed up for a mail ballot or want to check when it is sent? 
Check your ballot status here
Need to request a one-time mail ballot or change your delivery address? 
Visit here for vote by mail details.
Vote in Person OR Drop off Your Mail Ballot
Some voting locations open this week, find the nearest location here.

Why Should I Vote Early & Quickly?
Candidates and organizations can then shift their resources to turning out swing voters and first-time voters.
Judges & Propositions 
What about the judges? It is a common question from voters as they work their way down the ballot, and with reproductive rights in the balance we have seen just how important these votes are. 
There are also 10 ballot measures this year for you to vote on.We’ve created a summary of judicial performance reviews and insights on the propositions. View Our Guide Here