Arizona For Abortion Access is a collective effort to safeguard and expand reproductive rights in our state via a constitutional amendment. NCJW AZ is proud to be a member of the official field committee for this effort, helping with signature gathering, circulator training, and more. 

Will you join us? Be a part of this movement by helping us collect the necessary signatures to get this amendment on the ballot in 2024. Your support matters greatly in shaping the future of abortion access in Arizona.

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NCJW AZ is the Valley leader in progressive social justice reform. Advocating for reproductive justice, gender equity, ending sexual and domestic violence, humane immigration policies, voter rights, civil rights, and racial justice, this grassroots organization is at the forefront of social and legislative change in Arizona.



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Ruth Place

Ruth Place is a a comprehensive, structured trauma recovery program focusing on the mental health of sexual violence survivors.

Every 68 seconds, an American is sexually assaulted. Every 9 minutes, a child is proven to be a victim. The numbers are shocking. So are the long-term effects on survivors. They experience more severe psychological and emotional distress than victims of other violent crimes.

Sexual assault survivors are more likely to suffer Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), use drugs, have difficulty holding jobs, parenting and maintaining relationships with family and friends.

For victims in Arizona, there is often no place to go to heal. Sexual trauma sufferers need a safe place to find their words and tell their stories, to empower themselves to move from victim to survivor and then, from surviving to thriving.

“…you are worthy”

Ruth 3:11

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