As the month comes to a close, we’re watching out for and expecting some sneaky, last-minute attempts by conservatives to refer a competing abortion measure to the ballot. Their goal is to confuse voters and defeat the Arizona for Abortion Access Ballot Measure.  

We’ll keep you posted if something appears, so stay tuned and be ready to resist! 

As for the week ahead, it will be a raucous one as bills finish up in Rules and Appropriations. Of course, there are still final votes on the floor in each chamber, and conference committees to come.

Here’s where we need your voices: 

We must continue to OPPOSE a whole group of Culture War bills aimed at the LGBTQ+ community:  

Even if public comment is closed on a particular bill, you can still call and email your legislator. Make noise and be ready to contact Governor Hobbs should we need vetoes. 

Then, there’s HB2310. This is an over-broad “anti-grooming” bill seeking to protect kids but instead it potentially criminalizes sex ed, which is proven to help minors RESIST grooming and sexual advances. OPPOSE, OPPOSE!

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